The Pizza Bakery LOVES to cater! Our menu is available for parties, events, company lunches or dinner meetings. Please allow 24 hours in advance for a large order, and to arrange daytime deliveries. All prices are plus 8% tax. Plates, napkins and utensils available at $.05/person. Call John today at 949-631-1166 with your request and let us make your next event perfect!

    • Catering

    • Delivery Charge (per trip)


      Call for specific charge to your destination.

    • Lasagna and Garlic Bread


      Choose from our homemade Traditional Lasagna or Vegetarian Lasagna. Either can be prepared hot or cold.

      Half Pan • $42.00 (10"x 12") feeds 10. Full pan • $75.00 (12"x 20") feeds 20.

      Add Garlic Bread to your order: 6 french roll-sized garlic breads • $10.00 or choose a 16" french loaf of garlic bread • $8.50 feeds 10.

    • Pasta By The Pan and Garlic Bread


      Our spaghetti topped with your choice of either homemade meat or marinara sauce.

      Half pan • $36.00 (10"x 12") feeds 10. Full pan • $58.00 (12"x 20") feeds 20.

      Add our homemade garlic bread to your pasta:

      6 french roll-size garlic breads • $10.00 or 16" french loaf of garlic bread • $8.50 feeds 10.

    • Mixed Green Salad


      Our mixed green salad includes your choice of ranch, Italian, Caesar, or blue cheese dressing. Dressing served on the side.

      Half pan • $25.00 (10"x 12") feeds 12 people. Full pan • $40.00 ("12"x 20") feeds 20-24 people. Deep full pan • $55.00 (12"x20") feeds 40 people.

    • Sub Sandwiches Platter

      A platter of BBQ Chicken, Meatball, Cold Cut or Veggie sub sandwiches. Call for prices.

    • Cookies



    • Sodas and Waters


      Assorted cans of sodas and waters.